Would you like:

  • to permanently lose weight and having a good time while doing so?
  • to feel fit and free by leaving that smoking habit behind you?
  • to have more self-confidence and/or more confidence in life in general?
  • to be free from irrational fears?to deal in a healthy way with daily stress?
  • to get (back) on track with fitness and sport?
  • to give your mind a little holiday from ‘over thinking’
  • to move lighter through life?
  • to be happier in life in general?

Or maybe you don’t know exactly what you want, but you feel that:

  1. Something has to change
  2. This change has to be now
  3. This change has to be me

Then you are at the right place. Make an appointment now so also YOU can have a happy life!

Main programs:

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About Hypnosis.

Hypnosis has proved for more than 200 years to be a valid tool for changing thought/behavior patterns with impressive results. It is direct, focused on problem solving with lasting changes as the changes are done on the subconscious level. Hypnosis helped people all over the world, with impressive results. (this is supported by scientific research through EEG and MRI)*

*EEG is an electroencephalogram. It records electrical patterns in your brain.
MRI is Magnetic resonance imaging. The scans give a variety of chemical and physical data.


5 % Conscious Mind

  • able to process about 40 info bits/sec**
  • Analyzing
  • Planning
  • Short Term Memory
  • Judgment
  • Making Decisions
  • Willpower
  • Critical Thinking
  • Logic
  • Reason

95 % Subconscious Mind

  • able to process 20.000.000 info bits/sec**
  • Creativity
  • Emotions and Feelings
  • Long term memories
  • Cellular memories
  • Fight, Flight or Freeze
  • Habits
  • Addictions
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Relationship patterns
  • Instincts
  • Bodily functions

**Biology of belief by dr Bruce Lipton

Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind to create new healthy behaviors and habits.

You will not lose control over yourself or telling secrets you do not want to share!
You can compare the trance state with daydreaming or doing meditation.
The hypnotist is only guiding you while you are in trance, in this way you can find the resources and solutions in you and install them in your subconscious, so the new ways of seeing/feeling/reacting become quickly natural to you.
As your subconscious is protective, you will not reveal things you do not want to reveal or do things that you wouldn’t do normally. If you need to wake up (because a fire alarm is going off for example), you will be able to wake up, as during daydreaming.

The first session will take around 2 hours. The first hour will be spend on getting to know each other and to set the goal for the sessions. After that, the trance part will be around 40-50 minutes. The follow up sessions are in general 1 hour.

Many problems can be solved within 2 sessions, other programs take more (like losing weight with the virtual gastric band), but it is rare that it takes more than 6 sessions.

The scientist Alfred A. Barrios analysed the price-performance ratio of the three most important forms of therapy – psychoanalysis, behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy.

He concluded that hypnosis is most effective and most cost efficient at the same time. It is therefore astonishing that the costs for hypnosis are not reimbursed by all statutory and private health insurances, but only by very few private health insurers. The results of the study:

• Psychoanalysis: 38% of the patients achieved a solution after 600 sessions.
• Behavioural therapy: 72% of the patients achieved a solution after 22 sessions.
• Hypnotherapy: 93% of the patients achieved a solution after 6 sessions.

Source: “Psychotherapy: Theory, research and practice ,Hypnotherapy: A reappraisal“ by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD.)

About me:

I was born in Holland in 1965 as a daughter of two psychologist and therefore helping people overcoming problems came with the education 🙂  In my twenties I was myself trying to cope with the problems of growing up such as lack self-confidence and finding my way and therefore visited some therapists. They helped, but it always was a long (and therefore expensive) journey.

After many different jobs and traveling a lot, I worked for more than 10 years in tourism in France, and then, during a trip around Asia, I discovered Scuba Diving and became a Scuba Dive Instructor in 2001.

It was in 2016 that I came in contact with hypnosis, when my husband became a non-smoker after 30 years of smoking 2 packs a day. He stopped with the help of hypnosis. I was highly impressed! At that time, I was a still a full- time scuba dive instructor and really liked the idea of using hypnosis in order to help people quickly with overcoming fears for breathing underwater and taking off the mask.

In order to realize this, I did my first hypnosis courses in Germany* which have been followed in English by UNK**, and the latest was in the Netherlands***
And as I do not want to lose contact with the water, I also became a Relaqua instructor****

And the more I learned, the more I was curious to know more. And the more I saw the change in the people that I helped, the more I knew that was the way I wanted to go!

Since September 2018 my main occupation has been hypnosis/ hypnotherapy and I have helped all kind of people to overcome fear, to become a non-smoker, to lose weight with the virtual gastric band, or sometimes just to feel lighter, happier, more in ease with life.
My dedication now is to help more people, while continuing to deepen my knowledge and skills.

*stressfrei in Salinenhof, Sven Lorenz and Arnold Kraft (Aufbaukurs und Grundausbildung)
** Mark Tyrell, Uncommon Knowledge, (Uncommon Hypnotherapy, Precision Hypnosis, how to help to quit smoking, the Rewind Technique)
*** Bianca l’Abee, Hypnose Instituut Nederland / The next generation, (Virtual Gastric Band)
**** Relaqua with Nik Linders and Roger Michels in Soma Bay, Safaga (Egypt)
(Relaqua is relaxing deeply while floating in the water)

If you also would like to have help with overcoming problems, or just to have a happier life, contact me, so together we are going to find the solution in you!




“Whole my life I was absolutely terrified of spiders, I had to leave the room when I saw one on television! Now I can live with a spider in my bathroom and that only with one session. Thank you, Caren!”


“With her sensitivity, Caren just knows how to listen and to respond to you, to give you peace of mind and all of this with an incredible competence.”


“I live in Germany, but I keep coming back to El Gouna, not only for holidays but also to see Caren. She helped me already with so many issues, like losing weight and motivation. Because of her unobtrusive and pleasant way, Caren makes me feel supported and taken seriously. For me she is just the best!”



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Looking forward to helping you taking the easier path in your life!

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