You can do it!

Imagine that also YOU can be free from cigarettes, that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a thing that is going to kill you, sooner or later.

And now that you are feeling motivated (otherwise you would not be here ;-)), know that the physical addiction is gone after 24-48 hours, so it is not the addiction that keeps you smoking, it is the habit. You can sleep 8 hours or more without your body asking for a nicotine shot. Smoking is a habit, not an addiction!

Hypnosis is working there where it is needed: on the habit.  Hypnosis can ‘reset’ your sub-conscience, so you become a non-smoker (not someone who is bravely resisting cigarettes), A non-smoker is not thinking about cigarettes and how he is not going to smoke them. It is absolutely not relevant anymore! It is just something you don’t do.

Still YOU should be motivated for 100%. Those cigarettes are like useless friends that have only been taking advantage of you. Once you see their true faces and recognize them for what they are, you stop seeing them, block them on your phone and on Facebook, but every once and a while they will try to get you back as a friend. And there is where your motivation sets in, if you really decided to keep them out of your life, it is easy to close the door in their face, but if you are not so sure, they might take advantage of you again…

There are two sessions, most of the people stop after the first one, the second one is to cut loose ends and help with specific problems

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