Relaxing, deep resourcing, discovering, enjoying

Relaqua is a concept from Nik Linder* It means relaxing in the water. Most people will have heard from floating and how you enter a deep state of relaxation while floating on the water.

Relaqua goes one step further, it is not only relaxing the body, but also the mind,
because your built-in sub-conscious is capable of resolving so much more than you think. We just have to give it peace and time.
The session will start with breathing technics and guided meditation that will already give you a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.
After that we will go in the water and float, allowing the body to relax even deeper as we are carried by the water, you are weightless…
At the end we will float with our face in the water, and this ‘pause-from-breathing’ for some seconds, of maybe even minutes will give you a moment of total inner bliss which will be enough to start releasing knots and freeing the potential of your inner resources.

After this session, which takes around 3 hours, you will not only feel extremely well, but I will also give you some tips how to relax yourself when you are back home.

Contact me in order to fully experience the wellbeing qualities of the water

*Nik Linder is a German Free-dive world record holder